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Bar Sensei


The Bar Sensei™ gives you the instant feedback to see results and motivate effort during your barbell training. Power, force, and bar speed are just some of the outputs available, direct to your smart phone or tablet.

Innovation to optimize your training time and results, no strings attached.

You make the move, the Bar Sensei™ measures, reports, and motivates.

Next generation feedback.

Take your barbell power and performance training to the next level with the Bar Sensei, the new feedback solution for explosive results. Weighing in at only 1 ounce, the Bar Sensei stays out of your way while you make the movement. The result is instant performance outputs like power, bar speed, bar distance (and more) direct to your smart device.

How it works.

The Bar Sensei measures barbell movement, sends the information via Bluetooth Smart to your smart phone or tablet, and the A2P App displays the instant outputs. By the time you finish a rep, your bar speed, power, force, and more are ready to view and analyze.

Instant outputs.

View key performance outputs, plus a few new difference makers. Bar speed, power, and force display instantly on your smart device. The Bar Sensei adds innovation with feedback options such as RFD, loading force, total effort, and our unique ExP output. Our goal is to provide field-based outputs that keep pace with the sports science.

Dive a bit deeper.

For those interested to view more details, the A2P PRO and RESEARCH App upgrade options will be available. We created advanced feature sets to match your requirements of analysis. More information driven by the A2P App upgrade options means less Excel time for you.


No cords, no USB downloads, no strings attached. Simply secure the low-profile Bar Sensei to the barbell, pair with your smart phone or tablet, and you are ready to train. For the team training environment, the Bar Sensei may simply stay in place and does not need to be touched or handled as the athletes rotate through.

Movement protocols to fit your training

Bar Sensei

Team workflow.

We recognize in the team training environment the information management can be a challenge. Our goal is to not only make the movement capture and instant information display efficient, but also streamline the process of getting the workout information to the coaching professional. The A2P team-workflow reporting platform helps manage athlete information and assist with making programming decisions. Also ideal for remote coaching.


Weighing in at a mere ounce and secured to the barbell with a custom clip and Velcro straps, the Bar Sensei stays out of the way of your training. Plus, it is quick to change the Bar Sensei location on the barbell, allowing placement flexibility depending on your lift. The ultra-portability of the Bar Sensei makes for a very convenient tool to take with you to the gym, on road games, clinics, and combines.

A2P-FIT™ tech.

This is the brain behind the Bar Sensei, our proprietary module equipped with the latest sensor technology to measure and send accurate movement information. Although barbell movements are mainly vertical, bar rotation and irregular bar path due to the nature of the lift or technique creates limitations with some existing assessment products. We developed the A2P-FIT™ (Assess2Perform - Functional Integrated Technology) sensor module to improve the efficacy of performance feedback. Bar rotation, no problem. Irregular bar path, no problem. Our goal is to bring the lab to the field with affordable sensor technology.

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