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It was time to make your exercise ball training count. The Ballistic Ball™ blends cutting-edge sensor technology with the versatility of an exercise ball. The result, breakthrough performance information, straight to you smart phone or tablet.

Measure what really counts. Whether your movement is a wall ball, rotational throw, chest pass, or others -- power, force, speed, and effort replace the
how high and how far.

You make the move, the Ballistic Ball™ measures, reports, and motivates.

Training questions now have answers.

Let’s take the example of using the Ballistic Ball to power train rotational based athletes for baseball, hockey, tennis, golf, and MMA (and there are many more!).

How much power do I generate?

Now you have an answer this question, as the Ballistic Ball™ displays the power in watts for each throw. No longer do you need to rely on how far, which is a non-scientific approach to estimate power, and is influenced by the throw angle. Once the Ballistic Ball leaves your hands, the power feedback is displayed on the mobile app.

What weight ball is right for me?

Prior to the Ballistic Ball it was kind of a guess to select the proper weight for power or speed training. Now you have the information to make the correct choice, helping optimize your training time and results. Build a power curve to see at which weight you generate peak power, along with your speed and force zones. Maybe that 20 pound ball made you move too slowly, or that 6 pound ball was not enough. By knowing the power output in watts (along with speed and force) for each weight, you have the information to improve training outcomes that transfer to your sport.

What other information is available?

The Ballistic Ball is loaded with interesting and valuable outputs for various movements. Power, force, and speed during the throwing phase are sure to be popular. But, the Ballistic Ball also offers feedback such as your total throwing angle, along with useful performance outputs during the loading phase. We want you to understand, and train, the parts of the movement that create the explosive power for your sport.

How does my loading phase effect my rotational power?

The movement pattern, for example tempo based (for golf) versus a short and fast countermove, is up to you and your training needs. The A2P App includes innovative reports that show how your loading phase relates to your throwing power, speed, and explosiveness. Combining the visual and numerical feedback we think adds a unique dimension of tying together the movement pattern with the performance output goal.

Movement protocols to fit your training

Ballistic Ball

Guide to using your ballistic ball

Ballistic Ball

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Ballistic Ball

Leveling the playing field.

The CrossFit environment is a group training example where power development and competition go hand-in-hand. The Wall Ball competition is a standard at CrossFit. With the Ballistic Ball it no longer needs to just be about how high you throw, you know the person who is taller or has those extra-long arms. Now you can measure Wall Ball performance in power watts, for each throw or a set of reps. Plus, the force and speed of each throw is measured. See who really generates the most power, and even score your Wall Ball endurance. Or, see your total workout Effort, the joules of energy produced during your workout.

A2P-FIT™ tech.

This is the brain behind the Ballistic Ball, our proprietary module equipped with the latest sensors to measure and send accurate movement information. During a Ballistic Ball throw there may be various planes of motion running concurrently, requiring a sensor package to understand the movement and provide accurate information. We developed the A2P-FIT™ (Assess2Perform - Functional Integrated Technology) sensor module to improve the efficacy of performance feedback, including complicated motions like a Ballistic Ball rotational throw. Our goal is to bring the lab to the field with affordable sensor technology.

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