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Bar Sensei and Ballistic Ball
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The brand new A2P SPORT app used with the Bar Sensei, showcased at the January 2017 NSCA Coaches Conference


Ballistic Ball™

Ballistic Ball


Measure what really counts. Whether your movement is a wall ball, rotational throw, chest pass, or others -- power, force, speed, and effort replace the how high and how far. You make the move, the Ballistic Ball™ measures, reports, and motivates.

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Bar Sensei™

Bar Sensei


The Bar Sensei™ gives you the instant feedback to see results and motivate effort. Power, force, and bar speed are just some of the outputs available, direct to your smart phone or tablet. Innovation to optimize your training time and results.

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Achieve training results

Get the power, speed, and explosiveness out of your training. Instant performance feedback to motivate effort and track progress. Optimize your training time and results with our innovative products.


Sensor technology

Developed specifically for the rigors of the athletic training environment, the A2P-FIT™ sensor module captures the power of your movement. This information is instantly sent to your smart device, via Bluetooth Smart, to the A2P mobile app.


Mobile app power

You make the move, the A2P™ app reports. Results and trends displayed directly on a mobile device, turning your movement into instant information. Outputs and feature set levels designed for the amateur, elite, and researcher. iOS 8 required. Android coming soon!

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